Design and Engineering

Design and engineering content

Our engineering services deploy service engineers to support facility management and building engineers to support general contracting.

A team of professional specialists can be deployed as needed on civil engineering design, architecture, and plant specification, in addition to project management.


Works Engineering

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This involves all design activities, from analysing the customer’s technical and economic requirements to actually carrying out the work.

We provide technical assistance in support of maintenance and technical activities, in particular as regards the planning of interventions; drafting, maintaining and updating technical and administrative documentation on installations (eg preparing graphics, heat calculations under Law 10/91; drawing up OHS and Fire Safety paperwork (ISPESL and Fire Services); and drawing up permit applications, &c.).

Our method involves planning a series of linked steps, starting with a feasibility study to reveal all the technological options and associated costs, and continuing to the executive project stage where the work or service is specified in detail.

This planning work includes the schedule of activities, the resource plan, the specifications and technical documents, the cost assessments and, if needed, the finance plan for the works; it also includes everything related to the safety of construction sites and work areas under OHS legislation (Legislative Order no. 81/08, as amended).

FSI also takes care of technical document management (all the technical work concerning licences, authorizations, permits, dealings with government agencies, verification and compliance).


Services Engineering

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We believe that the initiation and execution of a facility management contract cannot be separated from the way the services themselves are engineered. Preparing a detailed programme of activities and identifying the best ways of delivering those services at the quality required means first undertaking a complex analysis of all technical, managerial and financial aspects.

The key project elements are:

  • preliminary activities on first entry (survey of the area/facility, status report, planning);
  • specifying SLAs and service KPIs;
  • reviewing the staff organization and techniques for carrying out and monitoring the individual activities that make up the service;
  • identifying and implementing improvements.

We take care of the various services and, if required, the customer’s staff assigned to them, and we evaluate possible customized outsourcing solutions involving transfers of staff.