Alessandro Belloni

Chairman and Managing Director; founded FSI with Rocco Ruggiero, and has managed the company’s functional organization ever since it first started trading. Guided and shaped the key processes that have made a name for FSI and its subsidiaries in Facility Management in Europe and beyond, and are responsible for the company’s rapid growth.

Working to develop FSI’s international business he has engineered a partnership with a leading HVAC company in the Middle East market, the Saudi Arabian firm Zamil Industrial Investment Co. (ZIIC), and discharged the challenging function of Operations Manager in the special-purpose vehicle set up to manage O&M for a twenty-year project to arrange district cooling for steelworks and other industrial plants in the Middle East.

Since 2013 he has dedicated himself to R&D, taking forward the investment strategy of Fervo network companies in the areas of eco-sustainability, energy saving and protection of the environment, always concerned to lower operating costs. To that end in 2014 he joined the Board of VME a maintenance service provider for parkland and civil works, and in 2015 became its Chairman. He also chairs ECO2ZONE, an R&D start-up working in Italy and in Ireland to develop cutting-edge prototypes for energy conversion.

Alessandro Belloni graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Milan Polytechnic, specializing in energy and thermodynamics . He is on the Italian National Register of Engineers, and is a member of the Australian National Association of Engineers and the Saudi College of Engineers.

Ing. Alessandro Belloni - Consigliere Delegato e CFO di FSI


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