The management

Alessandro Belloni

Chairman and Managing Director; founded FSI with Rocco Ruggiero, and has managed the company’s functional organization ever since it first started trading. Guided and shaped the key processes that have made a name for FSI and its subsidiaries in Facility Management in Europe and beyond, and are responsible for the company’s rapid growth.

Working to develop FSI’s international business he has engineered a partnership with a leading HVAC company in the Middle East market, the Saudi Arabian firm Zamil Industrial Investment Co. (ZIIC), and discharged the challenging function of Operations Manager in the special-purpose vehicle set up to manage O&M for a twenty-year project to arrange district cooling for steelworks and other industrial plants in the Middle East.

Since 2013 he has dedicated himself to R&D, taking forward the investment strategy of Fervo network companies in the areas of eco-sustainability, energy saving and protection of the environment, always concerned to lower operating costs. To that end in 2014 he joined the Board of VME a maintenance service provider for parkland and civil works, and in 2015 became its Chairman. He also chairs ECO2ZONE, an R&D start-up working in Italy and in Ireland to develop cutting-edge prototypes for energy conversion.

Alessandro Belloni graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Milan Polytechnic, specializing in energy and thermodynamics . He is on the Italian National Register of Engineers, and is a member of the Australian National Association of Engineers and the Saudi College of Engineers.

Rocco Ruggiero

Managing Director with responsibility for company operations. Founded FSI with Alessandro Belloni, and contributed actively to the company’s growth and consolidation in the market, supporting its strategy for creating an international Facility Management group.

His thorough knowledge of technical and installation engineering and his awareness of environmental issues put him at the helm of ECO2ZONE, an R&D firm that offers innovative ways of implementing environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. In 2015 he became Managing Director of the Building division.

He is also Managing Director of VME, where he determines the company’s strategic and commercial policies as head of its Building Works unit.

He is fully aware of the importance of offering clients a complete range of services, and has accordingly championed the Fervo network which brings together the services of FSI, ECO2ZONE, VME and RECLEAN, businesses specializing in different but complementary areas of Facility Management.