Meet our people

Denise Romano

My role: QAS Assistant
I take care of the activities necessary for the maintenance of company certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and UNI CEI 11352). In addition, I deal with the management of the documentation necessary for the purposes of Occupational Safety such as POS, DUVRI, the control of the Professional Technical Qualification of suppliers and customer requests.
My strong points: I am determined, willing and available
My weakness points: I am a bit stubborn and categorical
My greater satisfaction:
Being able to always get what I want
Passions: Sea, sun and music!
Favourite food: Pasta and a lot of sweets
If I was not who I am:
I would not be me

Daniela Muolo

My role: Senior Buyer
Skills: In 28 years of work I have accumulated many… going from the different administrative offices (from sales to the counter, sales office, accounting, general services) to the purchasing office
My strong points: Sincerity always and anyway
My weakness points: Sincerity always and anyway
My greater satisfaction: Being where I am now (with the secret hope that the most important satisfactions have yet to come)
Passions: Cats and more cats!
Favourite food: French fries
If I was not who I am: I would like to be a journalist or a teacher

Gabriele Monferini

My role: Operations Assistant
Skills: I’m a thermo technician with the ability to deal with emergencies and resolve mishaps
My strong points: The determination and the belief in myself allows me to reach the goals
My weakness points: I am humble, condescending and sometimes fussy
My greater satisfaction: Increase my skills giving the best of me every day
Passions: Music and football: the weekly game with friends can not miss
Favourite food: I love fish dishes, but I’m also crazy about chicken
If I was not who I am: I would have liked to be an actor

Marco Mollicone

My role: Operation Area Manager - North Italy
kills: The plant extraction combined with more than twenty years in the field of Facility Management and general contracting, allow me today to direct a team of project managers dedicated to the management of properties of all types and uses. I think I have excellent managerial skills and a good knowledge of the market.
My strong points: Dynamism, organization, project management
My weakness points: Sometimes too tolerant
My greater satisfaction: My children
Passions: I love music, cooking and sport, especially the one played (football)
Favourite food: Dishes of the italian tradition such as homemade pasta and ragù sauce
If I was not who I am: I would like to be a marine biologist

Giuseppe Mirarchi

My role: Senior Project Manager
Skills: Knowledge in general and professional concepts, acquired in everyday experiences for organization and coordination of work generally useful for the purpose of effective work and organizational behavior
My strong points: Dynamicity
My weakness points: impulsive and instinctive behavior
My greater satisfaction:
the family
Passions: Sports in general, football in the first place
Favourite food: All the first courses
If I was not who I am: I would like to be a successful entrepreneur

Mirko Larosa

My role: Dispatcher
Skills: I am a thermo-technical expert with experience in the organization and coordination of technical staff.
My strong points: Precision and respect for colleagues and suppliers
My weakness points: I pretend that others are precise about what they do, sometimes too much
My greater satisfaction: Be able to go on without asking for any particular help from anyone
Passions: My dog and traveling
Favourite food: Everything, I don’t mind to taste something new
If I was not who I am: Since my childhood, my dream has always been to be a fireman

Massimiliano Santoro

My role: Accounting and Cost Control Manager
Skills: The qualification to the profession of Business Consultant/Auditor of the accounts, has always allowed me to deal with the tax aspects of the companies in which I worked, while the previous experience gained only in multinationals allows me to also cover the role of controller
My strong points:
I have an empathic approach to the people I work with that allows me to get the best performances in terms of team work
My weakness points: I can initially seem introverted, in reality it is just confidentiality
My greater satisfaction: My family
Passions: The bike and traveling
Favourite food:
Pizza and Nutella
If I was not who I am: I would dedicate myself to animals, absolutely

Marco Vigliotti

My role: Area Manager Center-South Italy
Skills: I’m a construction engineer with skills in property and facility management
My strong points: I’m tenacious and I appreciate honesty
My weakness points: when I’m stubborn
My greater satisfaction: My family
Passions: I love going to the theater and playing tennis
Favourite food:
If I was not who I am: I would like to be a theater actor

Giuliana Turrini

My role: Operations Director Assistant
Skills: I have gained experience in various fields, from the productive to the administrative one, covering managerial roles for over twenty years
My strong points: Staff coordination, planning/management priorities, organization at work
My weakness points: The frankness, but also too much availability
My greater satisfaction: My daughters. In the workplace: whenever I can help a colleague solve a problem
Passions: Travel and cook for friends
Favourite food: I can’t resist a good pizza
If I was not who I am: I would have liked to work in the event organization field

Giuseppina Scarano

My role: Chief Accountant
Skills: For about 30 years I deal with accounting (for accounting firms, commercial activities and multinational companies)
My strong points: Problem solving and flexibility, without failing in rigor and precision, necessary in my work
My weakness points: Not knowing how to emphasize my abilities
My greater satisfaction: No doubt: my family
Passions: Walks, chats with friends
Favourite food: Only five letters: p a s t a
If I was not who I am: I would like to be a tour guide (but good ones that speak four languages)

Rocco Ruggiero

My role: Chief Operating Officer
Skills: A long experience in the world of integrated technical services, started as a Project Manager with responsibility for the results of the Construction site and coordination of operational teams
My strong points:
My sincere temper has always helped me in my relationship with others, especially if I have to “team up”
My weakness points: I tend to centralize all my decisions
My greater satisfaction: Give life to FSI (given the very positive results obtained in recent years)
Passions: The sea, which for me is only accessible by boat: deep and blue where you can dive
Favourite food: Fish dishes
IF I WAS NOT WHO I AM: I would like to be a truck driver of road giants (but this was the dream when I was child). Today, as an entrepreneur, I would never go back

Alessandro Rocca

My role: Proposal Engineer
Skills: I am an engineer for the management of the built, born for the facility but ready for everything (or almost)
My strong points: Transparency and transversality of competences
My weakness points:
Sometimes impulsive
My greater satisfaction: Now what I am, in the future I will see to reach new goals
Outdoor at 360°, from mtb to mountaineering, as well as some tennis matches with colleagues
Favourite food: Omnivorous, with a passion for good food and good wine
If I was not who I am:
Maybe a helicopter pilot

Emanuele Pelizza

My role: Senior Design Engineer
Skills: Thermotechnical expert, with experience in estimating plants, constructive planning and job orders management
My strong points: Correctness, availability and aptitude for group work
My weakness points: I tend to keep everything inside me
My greater satisfaction: work in progress
Passions: Beekeeping, and as soon as possible sea
Favourite food: Parmigiana and rib
If I was not who I am: Maybe I would have started a career in the Navy

Silvia Palmisano

My role: Senior Accountant
Skills: 24 years of experience in business management, 20 of which in the family business where I acquired skills in every business sector: tenders, general accounting, company certifications; in the last 4 years I have dealt with general accounting and passive cycle management
My strong points:
Patience, availability, problem solving
My weakness points: I’m trying to eliminate them
My greater satisfaction:
My children
Passions: Read, cook, listen to music, stay with friends
Favourite food:
Pizza and meat
If I was not who I am: Today I’m all I want to be

Adriano Strippoli

My role: Senior Project Manager
Skills: Technical-economic management of the contract
My strong points: I’m a stubborn person. I don’t give up easily
My weakness points: Perhaps sometimes too fussy
My greater satisfaction: To travel
Engines in general… especially if vintage
Favourite food: Paella
If I was not who I am: I would like to be a chef

Giulia Graziani

My role: Sales Representative
Skills: Sales. I have always worked in the commercial sector, initially in the ICT and TLC sector, later in the Facility sector
My strong points: Work for goals and team working; the adjectives that describe me to the best are: analytical, determined, curious, flexible, reliable
My weakness points: I don’t always think positive
My greater satisfaction:
My children in private life, at work every new customer is a new and great satisfaction!
Passions: Travel, Cycling, Skiing, Sailing
Favourite food: I’m not greedy, I love fish, sushi and good wine (strictly red)
If I was not who I am: I love traveling, art and history… I would be a tour guide!

Laura Grasso

My role: General Service manager
Skills: Purchases are my passion, experience gained in over 20 years in multinational companies
My strong points: Assertive, collaborative, great listener, curious, I love changes, ambitious, dreamer
My weakness points: Too direct and not diplomatic, dreamer
My greater satisfaction: Receive international awards for my thoughts and my eco-friendly actions
Passions: Sea and ancient history, archeology, museums
Favourite food: Pizza to the bitter end
If I was not who I am: an archaeologist

Riccardo De Angelis

My role: HR Coordinator
Skills: Integration skills – change management skills – technical and professional knowledge – business knowledge
My strong points: Relationship skills – Dynamism and Flexibility – goal orientation
My weakness points: impulsiveness
My greater satisfaction: Get involved at 360° in the work I do every day and in the projects that are entrusted to me
Passions: music, football, read autobiographical books
Favourite food: Pasta, meat and fish
If I was not who I am: If i had not started my career in HR, I would have definitely started my career in the hotel industry as a waiter, where I gained three years of experience before venturing into the world of human resources.

Mariaserena Citterio

My role: Accountant
Skills: I started working as a commercial employee in 2014, managing import and export, form EU and non-EU countries. From 2017 I started working as an accounting employee in FSI managing the active cycle and giving support to the passive as well as to the operational secretariat.
My strong points: Availability and brightness
My weakness points: Always put the others firts
My greater satisfaction: To believe in myself
Passions: Read and take pictures
Favourite food: Sushi
If I was not who I am: A teacher or a psychologist

Oscar Cazzola

My role: Project Manager
Skills: Of the orders assigned to me I have the responsibility of the operative and technical management: from the management of the suppliers to the organization and the control of the technicians in the field
My strong points: A strong spirit of adaptation, a good dose of humility and sense of duty have allowed me over the years to make me appreciate and get good work results and personal satisfaction
My weakness points: Humility, confidentiality and shyness are often obstacles to overcome. Wanting to do things myself even when I could ask for help and support
My greater satisfaction: Actually my son without doubts
Passions: sports in general, I like playing tennis and especially football. I follow all the championships with passion. I would like to teach football and sport to kids
Favourite food: I’m fond of risottos
If I was not who I am:
I would like to be a professional footballer

Alessandro Calvo

My role: Bids Office & Contracts Manager
Skills: Legal skills related to the completion of the activities of production of tenders in the field of public and private tenders, qualification of the company in the Public Authorities, and concerning the development of the drafting and exams activities of contracts, deeds and opinions that regulate relations between the Company and the Public Administration. In-depht knowledge in the field of administrative law, public procurement law (public contracts and agreements), civil law (in particular: the regulation of private procurement contracts and other commercial contracts in force in the legal system and in practice, discipline of commercial law and the law of corporate and bankruptcy law), of the legislative and regulatory provisions in force concerning health and safety at work, labor law – social security and criminal law.
My strong points: Perfectionism
My weakness points: Inflexibility of judgement on the quality and results of the work performed, primarily towards myself
My greater satisfaction: The development of the organization, in which I am involved, has also come to the fore through my work-professional contribution
Passions: Politics, philosophy and art.
Favourite food: Oysters
If I was not who I am: I would be a philosopher engaged in political action

Christian Cicala

My role: Senior Project Manager
Skills: Problem solving… effective and efficient organization of work activities and operational resources
My strong points: Transparency and correctness
My weakness points: Impulsiveness
My greater satisfaction: my daughter
Passions: sun, sea, holydays and dinners in good gathering
Favourite food: spaghetti with clams
If I was not who I am: i would like to be a doctor

Raffaele Tardi

My role: Engineering & Design Manager
Skills: I deal with electrical systems, fire prevention and energy management
My strong points: I’m a reliable and loyal person: it’s important for me to always honor my commitments
My weakness points: I admit it… I get angry easily
My greater satisfaction:
To have obtained what I have without the help of anyone
Passions: When I can, read books and comics and play sports
Favourite food: Potatoes, rice and… mussels!
If I was not who I am: I would like to be a teacher

Barbara Fagioli

My role: Proposal Engineering & Marketing Manager
Skills: I am a management engineer who has been operating in the facility management world for almost twenty years, covering managerial, operational and commercial roles. I have an all-round view of the industry, both nationally and internationally.
My strong points: I am rational, meticulous and I try to behave consistenly with my principles.
My weakness points: Sometimes I realize that I am a little too meticulous and not always available to find a compromise.
My greater satisfaction: Where I am today. It was a long journey, full of many experiences and hard work. It’s the pleasure of engaging and obtaining results. It’s always having incentives and knowing that you are in a team that works.
Passions: I like skiing and I’m not afraid of the cold: it happens to go down on the slopes even with -25! Nothing is like the feeling of stillness, almost mystical, which is felt early in the morning on top, when the mountain is still not populated.
Favourite food: Japanese food.
If I was not who I am: Difficult question… As a young girl I wanted to be a hairdresser, but all in all I’m happy with who I am today.

Saul Carrer

My role: Project Manager
Skills: Computer science (both hardware and software “programming-design”) gained in 15 years of work in these sector. Furthermore, notions of accounting, administration, functional planning and management. In FSI I acquired notions of thermomechanics, aeraulics, electrotechnics, construction, fire prevention.
My strong points: listening and flexibility allow me to easily get in tune with people. Strong self-training ability even on complex issues.
My weakness points: I like the controversy and sometimes I’m too enthusiastic… of myself!
My greater satisfaction: I wish it still has to arrive
Passions: Motorcycling and in general all that is technological. Small DIY manual jobs
Favourite food: Anything, if well cooked and refined
If I was not who I am: I would like to be a lawyer (was my child’s dream) or an astronaut

Alessandro Belloni

My role: Chairman & CEO
Skills: Ranging from mechanical engineering applied to conditioning systems, to corporate finance, through contract management
My strong points: I’m precise, ambitious (someone could say visionary, for certain big projects that I have in mind), sociable and rich of self-control
My weakness points: I’m sometimes too humoral and, with the time, I realize that I’m excessively assertive
Passions: Cinema (which can involve you like certain Nouvelle Vague films) and sport (also played, like futsal)
Favourite food: Salt fish
If I was not who I am: I would like to be a doctor

Roberto Baron

My role: Project Manager
Skills: Excellent skills of problem solving with Technical/management skills
My strong points: Team working
My weakness points: Stubborn
My greater satisfaction: To play in front of a public of 14000 spectators
Passions: Music
Favourite food: I love sushi and pizza
If I was not who I am: I would like to be a professional musician


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