About us

FSI was founded in 2009. With twenty years’ experience, its founders were immediately in a position to provide integrated turnkey solutions supporting efficient real estate management, solutions that combine Engineering & General Contracting services, Technical Services and Facility Management.

FSI’s greatest strength – its experienced and competent staff – means it can offer its customers prompt execution, rapid problem-solving and flexibility.

The company is dynamic, fast-growing, and run in the American style. A young business, but backed by a wealth of experience. Indeed, there is no contradiction between corporate youthfulness and professional maturity, for at FSI we combine the best of both: the dynamism of youth, with its quick responses, enthusiasm, enterprise, passionate energy and readiness to innovate; and the competence of maturity, with its experience and its ability to size up situations.

The right balance, in fact, to meet your requirements in the best possible way.

People are at the centre of our organization.

Employees provide competence, but passion comes from people: and ours is truly a company made of people.

Indeed, this is the only way to tackle work like ours: listening to requests, analysing situations, understanding problems, finding solutions to give customers the best possible support, directly when and where needed.

The way we operate builds a real collaborative relationship of trust and harmony with the customer.