Technical Installations (Qualification) Act, Law 46/90 and Departmental Order 37/08, as amended

FSI is qualified under the latest version of Departmental Order 37/08 to install, convert, extend and maintain the following systems:

Section Description
A ELECTRICAL, CIVIL AND INDUSTRIAL INSTALLATIONS: generation, transport, distribution and utilization of electricity within buildings from the distributing authority’s point of supply.
B RADIO, TV AND ELECTRONIC INSTALLATIONS IN GENERAL, antennas and lightning protection systems.
C HEATING AND AIR-CONDITIONING INSTALLATIONS: fluid-based or any other type or kind of heating or air-conditioning system.
D PLUMBING & SANITARY INSTALLATIONS: sanitary systems, water transport, water treatment, use and collection of water within buildings, from the distributing authority’s water supply point.
E GAS INSTALLATIONS: systems for gas and liquefied gas transport and use inside buildings, starting from the distributor’s gaseous fuel delivery point
F LIFTING INSTALLATIONS: lifts, hoists and escalators for people or things.