Design of construction works

FSI team looks after the design of the works starting from the collection of the technical requirements, going through the cost benefit analysis, to ending with the “issued for construction” drawings.

We follow up a systematic design where each step is linked with the following and for each of them has been secured its own appropriate benefit cost scheme, and the technical course of actions.This leads to a detailed scheme of the works, from the preliminary study up to the final design of the entire work.

The engineering design embraces the planning of the procurement – including materials, goods and human resources – technical specifications, detailed cost estimation, and even project financing plan if required. All the activities at the site construction will be ruled according to the D. Lgs. 81/08 and their further emendations.

FSI is also in charge of the administrative management of all the docs needed to obtain the construction permission by the Local Authorities, and to assist the clients during auditing and inspections

Design maintenence services

The start-up phase and the following ordinary phase of management of a service contract cannot be disjointed from the design of the services.

A correct scheduling of the activities along with accurate method statement that ensure effective quality standards are the result of a complex analyisis that involves technical, managerial and financial aspects. A proper design will grant a longer life cycle of the assets.

Key points for the design:

  • Preliminary phase —auditing at site to build up the assets list, the technical due diligence and the PPM planning.
  • Setting up the SLA and KPI of the services.
  • Setting up a well-adjusted organization for the job, including staff, supervisors and technicians.
  • Auditing plan for all the activity of the service.
  • Identifying the areas of emprovement in order to prolong the life cycle of the assets.

We attend several services and if required we can recruit our client’s staff studying customized outsourcing solutions.

Our goal is to give a significant contribution to the culture of the design of the asset management in Italy. The design of the service should start from the “birth” of the asset and follow up the same over the entire life cycle.