Enterprise asset management planning

We set up our own Asset Management Planning System, through the internationally well-known software called EAMEnterprise Asset Management — able to set up the planned and proactive maintenance based on the inventory of assets.

This is a cutting edge computerized management system providing:

Centralized assets system

Our centralized system is the hub of all the activity, and comprehends the know-how upon asset managed by the Company. It is the repository of the life-cycle of any physical asset or equipment managed.

Mandatory inspections and keeping of registers.

Our system provides the scheduling of all the the planned activities such as operations’ checking, maintenance inspections, etc. and is able to manage the entire life cycle of the assets according to the prescriptions provided by law and technical regulations.


The Reporting system is extremely flexible; in fact besides specific single reports on any action performed, we can provide customized reporting tags according to the client requirements.

Accurately updating inventory

The query to the computerised system to get info is easy and friendly-use, as our IT system is based on a tree-diagram. The query can be done based on the physical/technical specs, location, structure, floors or facilities of the assets.

Planning and auditing

Our system provides a customized planning of the scheduled activities over one year, in order to maximize the life cycle of assets.

In addition to this, the system can provide a customized Scoreboard & KPI model including:

  • technical info upon the maintenance activities.
  • financial info upon the output and the quality of the services.
  • other financial/economic aspects concerning the services.
  • service performance assessment.