Responsibility and operational planning

Following the engineering design, FSI is able to support the clients even during the construction and installation phase, including the test and commisioning of the works.

FSI – as a main focal point to the client – shall take the full responsibility of the operations at site, including the comprehensive coordination of the people and the works/services’ subcontractors, in compliance with the financial budget, the technical specifications and the schedule of the works. FSI will follow up the drafting of docs related to the construction permission, and will assist the client during auditing and inspections.

General Contracting activity includes:

  • Upgrading and revamping of units/ systems
  • Retrofitting of plants and civil works
  • New installation of MEP plants

We provide our clients with the competence and professionalism of our teams, fostering a relationship where FSI is the main focal point to the client over the entire project.