Our highly qualified professional teams carry out any sort of management related to any sort of cleaning of workplaces and communal use areas — offices and the like — as well as industrial places — industrial warehouses and the alike.

Disinfestations, pest controls are scheduled to occur at specifically planned operational deadlines to take care of personnel public health by actual sanitation conditions employers are to ensure.

These services generally take place during working days. They are carefully planned and scheduled according to client requirements, and operational pre-arranged activities are thoroughly timed in order not to disturb the daily tasks. We pay Full attention to our personnel recruitment in consequence we do hiring and payroll by the rule book, i.e. as stated by the law in force.


Gardening services are carried out by highly qualified professionals to cover seasonal or annual maintenance according to client requirements.


Security services aim at providing personnel security and surveillance tasks.

FSI offer highly qualified and trained professionals to secure both indoor and outdoor company premises.

Outsourcing security services avoid clients any company recruitment. FSI staff is in a position to check and schedule the management services according to client requirements about shifts, timing, and so on. Our security services offer a wide range of solutions for client satisfaction.


Highly customized, professional, high quality reception, and call services are provided according to client requirements.

Several options are involved: entrance/exit checks of people, cars, trucks and tracks, transportation papers, badge service, operator, reception, call centre, guest and supplier welcome, and so on.


We are in a position to design and fit out any interior setting both in public and private structures.

Fitting services include transport, porterage, fixing pieces of furniture based on client layout and re-layout requirements. FSI offer consulting services on fitting and setting implementation.

FSI is committed on personnel recruiting for porterage and office boy services, sensible, reliable, and highly devoted as well as dynamic traits are required.
Office boy is in charge of the following:

  • Delivery services: letters, packets, documents to and from client offices, banks and other offices.
  • Tidying up of meeting rooms, stationary replenishment of supplies.
  • Checking and replenishment of copy-paper supplies.
  • Handling. Utility handling.