The carrying out of the operations and planned maintenance in order keep the efficiency and the good performance of heating, cooling and HVAC plants/systems, including the distribution network (pumps, fans, piping, ducts and terminal elements) installed in residential/commercial/industrial buildings.
For example:

  • Boilers for steam/hot water with gas/oil burners, included heat exchangers
  • Chillers and Refrigeration systems and heat pumps – air/water cooled
  • Terminal units such as fan coils, radiators, VAV, etc.; closed-circuit expansion vassels, piping systems, gate and control valves, thermostats, and related electric panels

The work-service orders are generated according to the schedule of the operations and the maintenance, as per plan agreed by FSI with the clients and based on their requirements.
The performance of the service can be checked in real time, as the report and work orders closed are available on line for the client.
The current technical legislation in force is particularly focused on cooling, heating and HVAC plants/systems especially whenever energy consumption savings are concerned, (under N. 10 09/01/1991 Act and regulations stated by DPR 412 dated 26 August 1993, modified by DPR 551 dated 21 December 1999 and further modifications).
In order to reach the goal of energy consumption savings, is checking and substantiation of the energy consumption saving regulation compliance through the running, maintenance, servicing, and safety of the thermo-technical plants/systems.
When FSI takes care of the running, maintenance, servicing, and safety of the thermo-technical plants/systems, we will duly check and substantiate any mandatory technical records such as CPI, usage and maintenance instructions, plant/system forms, and any compulsory statement in conformity with the law in force.
Besides having the required certifications in conformity with the law in force — under DM 37/08, ex-legge 46/90 — FSI can provide certified engineers to assess fuel operating performance according to UNI 10389, fumes testing, uptake / draught testing when necessary according to UNI 10845. We can also offer — free of charge — to carry out a feasibility study on a project enabling clients to overview energy consumption savings, asset depreciation, life cycle costs, and return on investment to maximize asset value.


We can provide any of the precautionary planned actions to keep and effectively maintain wiring, cabling systems — low-tension and medium-tension — including FM and lighting systems, intercom buzzer and gate systems, user’s panels, distribution power systems for the user’s utilization in blocks or commercial/ industrial premises.


  • We deal with:Medium-tension/High-tension Unitselettrici1def
  • UPS
  • Primary distribution power Units
  • Secondary distribution power Units
  • User’s panel
  • Lighting units
  • Security lighting units
  • Solar Panels
  • Intercom buzzer and video intercom systems
  • Video surveillance system
  • Burglar alarm systems, fire alarm systems
  • CCTV units

We provide our services according to maintenance deadlines that are scheduled to occur at specifically planned timings.
Any service action can be checked on line, as our report-accounts are duly subject to real-time.
FSI has a large range of supplying firms which are responsible for specific services such as:

  • GE Maintenance
  • Unit maintenance
  • Impedance Grounding testing

To ensure our clients our providential aid and all-embracing services, we are able to shoulder stock electric material in order it to be replenished to cover the annual company usage of lamps of any kind, batteries, neon-fluorescent lamps, transformers, and so on.

In the event that FSI is responsible for the running, maintenance, servicing, and safety of electric systems, we will duly check and substantiate mandatory technical records, and compulsory statements in conformity with the law in force.
We are in a position to implement the following:
• Verify of preventive safety units/ systems generally from atmospheric discharges
• Consumption study in order to maximize energy consumption savings
• Analysis of documents and issues concerning U.S.S.L. – I.S.P.E.S.L. – A.R.P.A.V. – U.T.I.F. requirements
• Analysis of technical requirement of systems fed by medium-tension to ensure clients about the selection of protective units/systems — ex Dk5600 CEI 016.

Preventive maintenance measures are planned and taken to improve utiliza­tion and performance of fire extinguishers, fire hoses, sprinklers, fire pump units, fire hydrants, fire barriers — R.E.I. doors — and any fire suppression device serving blocks and/or premises as well as facilities of any sort of asset.
In the case that FSI is responsible for the servicing, we will duly check service operational deadlines to be scheduled to occur at specifically planned timings according to maintenance processes.
Any service action can be checked on line, as our report-accounts are duly subject to real-time.
When activities are subject to VVF i.e. Fire Brigade Agency, as far as systems/ units are concerned, FSI will take care of any issue concerning the Registro Antincendio under DPR n°37/98, of any maintenance, repair, checking, and alteration of the systems/units concerned. As far as safety training at the workplace is concerned, it is generally a duty of the employers, i.e. our clients, to promote training activities ensuring well-informed staff, and active fire protection.
This given, FSI will support clients ensuring operational deadline services as scheduled by regulations. We are also able to ensure preliminary checks on mandatory technical forms pertaining employers for activities subjected to VVF i.e. the Fire Brigade Agency — NOP, CP, etc.

FSI offer services covering routine conservative actions and inspection checks to ensure planned and proactive maintenance such as:

• the practice of manag­ing assures the whole life cycle by routine repairs carried out by carpenters, blacksmiths, glaziers, bricklayers on any physical asset
• tthe practice of manag­ing assures the whole life cycle by routine maintenance of gutters, roof-gutters, and when necessary of fumes/heat testing — EFC.

Generally speaking, our services besides being operationally planned at specific deadlines comprise whole life optimal management of the physical assets from work-place settings to building upkeeping scheduled and carried out according to client requirements.

Specifically planned check timings of maintenance processes ensure long life cycle to physical and infrastructure assets by painting, fixing, and so on, improving their utiliza­tion and performance for example by eliminating any seepage or properly fixing shutters and frames.

FSI suggest clients to upkeep physical assets by regular maintenance processes though not required by regulations. This will maximize value of any physical asset mainly in seismic zones avoiding structural failures.

To cover such inconvenience, FSI integrated services are assisted by highly trustworthy firms located all over Italy providing well-timed structural checks to ensure building safeness.


Operational servicing deadlines are scheduled to occur at specifically planned timings according to maintenance processes of any lifting apparatus in order to ensure total safety to users.
FSI Maintenance Services offer high professional upkeeping of several lifting apparatus:

  • Electric and oil-pressure lifts
  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Stairlifts for disable
  • Aerial work platforms
  • Dumb-waiter

Thanks to Integrated Services FSI can ensure operational servicing deadlines scheduled during working hours as well as maintenance and repairs under unexpected circumstances by trustworthy partner firms according to D.P.R. 162 del 30/04/1999.