Our Group

In order to better meet the Customers needs and the ever more complex demands of the market, it has been set up a Corporate Group with FSI as parent Company.

Entering VME SRL as shareholder in 2014 represented a further step towards the integration of the services offered by the group:hard services, since ever in the FSI’s DNA, have been merged with the soft services provided by VME. This step granted more uniformity, flexibility and transparency.

It has been decided to give effectiveness to the sustainable values that drove us from the beginning. For that, we recently established an innovative start-up Co., named ECO2ZONE.  The mission of ECO2ZONE is the R&D of innovative technologies in order to preserve the natural environment and sustain a “green living” community.

The total integration of facilities management services took place at the end of 2016 with the direct involvement of FSI in the creation of Reclean. It operates in the “soft” facility services, such as custodial services and consumables, janitorial services, pest control, day porters security personnel.