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We care for our clients and for the people working with us, without neglecting the environmental impact of our services.
That’s why our premises are provided with systems which are effective in saving energy and limiting consumptions. We rely on cutting edge technologies, having limited impact on the enviroment and we use recycled materials wherever possible. We request the same attention to our suppliers, by selecting them based on sustainability criteria. Reducing carbon emissions is a tough commitment; nevertheless we want to keep it taking key strategic decisions as well as decisions in our daily life.

Canopy Project – one dollar = one Tree

Canopy Project is a, world-wide project that in 2020 will celebrate its 50th anniversary along with the 7.8 billion trees planted all over the globe.
This year the symbolic value of USD 1 has been donated on behalf of each stakeholder, an amount that will be used to adopt and plant a tree.
All information regarding this campaign and donation http://www.earthday.org/campaigns/reforestation/

Finding solutions.
Figuring them out is our passion.

We successfully carry out any task assigned by our client. We find solutions and provide services that do not belong to the core-business of our clients. We do it with passion. We love to see our clients satisfied and pleased. We love challenge, the tougher the better.

Geography? No worries…

Our premises, offices &warehouses in Italy and abroad make us capable to work effectively and act speedily all over the world.

 Who needs our support

Assets and Property management companies, commercial companies, factories and industries, multinational corporations, banks & insurance companies, large retailers companies, healthcare companies.

Our organization: people-oriented

An “employee” has to be just competent, while a member of the “team” adds on also his passion. The people we hire make what’s our Company. We cannot help doing like that, if we want to stick to our mission: collecting the requirements from the Client, evaluating the data, weighing up the key issues, and finding out the best solutions for our clients whenever and wherever needed.

Our aim is to operate to build up a trustworthy relationship, and in order to be always “tuned up” with our clients.

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